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Charbel Zreik

Charbel brings a track record of excellence as an investor, a small company operator and an advisor to fortune 500 companies. Charbel's personal hallmarks are valuing and caring about the people around him, solving any problem with a unique combination of analytical rigor and creative energy, as well as an ethic of hard work, humility, and excellence.


Charbel built the foundation of his experience in small businesses, running the family's moving business in Manhattan, New York, for many years. He put himself through two ivy league schools on other such jobs as a caddy, a landscaper, and a waiter.


Charbel started his professional career on Wall Street, where he spent 4 years at J.P. Morgan in an operational improvement role (Internal Consulting) and in a venture capital role (Labmorgan). He then went on to be a founding member of The Rohatyn Group, asset management company in NY. He moved on to operate Osage Partners, a venture capital fund in Philadelphia, where he invested in and advised startup companies.


Most recently, Charbel spent 4 years at McKinsey and Company, leading global teams and advising CEOs of Fortune 500 companies on how to create value in their companies.


Charbel was instrumental in shaping the NY non-profit, Minds Matter, an organization aimed at helping motivated yet underprivileged high schoolers to make it to college. He played many roles over 5 years from mentoring a student to serving on the national board of the organization.


Charbel has a BS in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and an MBA in finance and entrepreneurship from Wharton.

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