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Brad Brown

Brad Brown is the managing director of Bradford Brown Capital Partners, a private investment partnership that focuses on search funds and profitable small-cap companies. Prior to that, he was a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, the world’s leading consultancy, where he led several practices over time in the areas of Digital, Big Data Analytics, and FinTech. He has over a dozen years of experience in small-cap growth investing and has acquired over 30 operating companies across many different industries. He focuses his board work on tech-enabled companies and is on the board of five companies: Blue Sky Network, ISI Telemanagement, Attainia, CloudX, and D2C Brands. Brad brings a unique mix of advisory expertise with growth capital. He works closely with op-co CEOs as an Active Board Member. In addition, Brad is involved in the tech startup community as an ongoing advisor to the management teams of five companies: Uncork, Blueteam Global, Afiniti, One Inc, and Skydeo. He has professional expertise in business services, B2B sales, eCommerce, Saas, cloud, and data.

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